Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2nd day of school

This morning a little bit earlier than yesterday. I sent my son around he still sleeping. But when we arrived at school, he woke up.

At first tu, die still mamai2 lagi.. then i gave him to one of the teacher..

At that time, ade 3 4 orang je budak kat situ.. so pas teacher die put him somewhere in the house.. i tot he gonna sleep again.. tp i smp je kat kete, i heard he starts crying (in the house) n berlari keluar and say 'tanak sekolah'.. seb bek his teacher sempat tangkap.. n try to coax him..

Rase nak nangis lak tgk die camtu.. huhu...

Semalam mase nak amek die, teacher die cerita la sket pasal pagi semalam.. pas both of us g keje.. then everybody dah dtg.. they opened the door but locked the gate.. she said my son went to the gate and waiting for us to fetch him.. smp terkencing dlm suar tgg kat situ.. dah pujuk2 utk bersihkan suar n mandikan sekali.. die okay la, ikut ckp.. pas tu ok je smp petang..


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